Food bank offers assistance after 9-year-old girl cries and tells virtual class she's 'starving'


A 9-year-old made a heartbreaking confession during her virtual class.

After teachers noticed that something was off with the girl, she told her class that she was “starving,” Today Food reports.

A social worker from the school contacted Fulfill, a food bank based in New Jersey, who explained that during the lesson, the child was having difficulty concentrating and crying “uncontrollably.” 28, 202004:44

"When asked what was wrong, she confessed in front of her entire class that she was starving,” Linda Kellner, the director of external affairs for Fulfill, revealed.

“It’s just all so heart-wrenching and frankly, very very courageous of this little girl,” she added.

The girl’s mom recently lost her restaurant job due to the pandemic, which made it difficult to provide for her and her three kids.

“Think of being this 9-year-old little girl so consumed by hunger that you can’t think about reading, math or writing,” she said. “All you’re thinking about is that pain in your stomach. That really is what keeps me up at night.”

Fulfill leapt into action getting the family food and grocery store gift cards.

In addition to helping the mom sign up for food stamps and healthcare for the children, they also found her a temporary  job as a dishwasher while “exploring other opportunities.”

Since the story went viral, job offers have begun pouring in. And local donations made it possible to get the kids winter shoes and clothes.

“We’re looking to stabilize the family with the resources they need,” Kellner explained.

Kellner said that due to the pandemic, she has seen a 40% increase in the demand for food.

“It’s definitely on the rise and we don’t see this going away anytime soon,” she explained, adding, “The Jersey Shore is so dependent on the restaurant and hospitality industry … that we think it’s going to be quite a while before we recover.”

Karla Bardinas, a spokesperson for Fulfill wants people to keep in mind that there are other “kids in this same position that fit this bill.”

"It's tremendous how this story has touched so many people. I think it's just the thought of how this little girl … how desperate she would have to be to say that in front of her classmates,” she added.

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