Chicago police trying new tactic for juvenile carjacking suspects

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Chicago Police are trying a new tactic to deal with carjacking suspects, mostly juveniles; some not even of driving age.

Police Supt. David Brown says carjackings are mostly being committed by juveniles who are repeat offenders.

"Our juvenile courts are having a very tough time holding them for very long. No one has the appetite in the juvenile court system to incarcerate our young people," Brown said.

So they get out and often do it again.

Now, they’re connecting juvenile offenders with social service agencies.

This includes an 11-year-old boy involved in the carjacking of a Mount Greenwood woman in January.

She spoke to CBS 2 at the time, noting he approached looking very much like a child.

"Skipping, like young kids do. He's being a kid," the woman said in January. "With the judges, the prosecutors, where are these parents, how are they raising these children?"

The Superintendent says that child’s mother had died.  His father was sick. He had not been in school for two years.

He was placed in a program called Choose to Change.

"This young person hasn't missed the day of school. And recently made the honor. More importantly, hadn't committed any other carjackings," he said.

That Mount Greenwood woman says police are “coddling” young offenders.

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