Woman fakes own kidnapping because she 'wanted a break from her husband'

Woman tied to chair
Woman tied to chair Photo credit Getty Images/cyano66

Last February, a South Dakota man allegedly received a call from his 22-year-old pizza delivery driver wife who said a group of people were trying to rob her while she was out on a delivery.

He could hear someone pounding on her car window, and after the call was disconnected, he said he immediately began receiving text messages demanding a ransom.

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The man also received a text that read "I don't have long. I love you. Please help," and one of the woman's coworkers ALSO received texts demanding ransom.

Well, it turns out that was all fake, according to the story reported by Argus Leader.

There was no kidnapping. Those texts were all from her, even the ones sent from a random number, as she used an app to disguise her own.

Police were able to track down the location from where these texts were being sent from, and happened upon the woman, sitting in her own car, with ANOTHER man! She tried to tell police the captors just let her go, but her story didn't add up, so they didn't buy it.

The woman eventually admitted that she made the whole thing up because she "wanted a break from her husband."

Per the Argus Leader, she's due in court next week to face charges for filing a false report, and attempted grand theft.