Haunted Hayrides: Safety


The Hayride, Screamatorium, and Hellevator are not recommended for children under 8 years of age. It is a high scare, high startle content experience. There will be no refunds after a ticket is purchased and a patron has entered the hayride.

The Hayride,  Screamatorium, and Hellevator are not recommended for people with heart or back problems, pregnant women, people prone to seizures or anyone who has an affliction that is made worse by fear, anxiety or flashing lights. Also, this event is not recommended for anyone with health issues that can be made worse or aggravated by riding this ride and/or any other form of participation.


NO SMOKING on the wagon or inside the attractions at any time.
No food or beverages on the wagon
Do not stand on the wagon
Do not leave the wagon at any time. Anyone leaving the wagon during the Hayride will be escorted from the premises.
Small children (or those who scare easily) should sit in the middle of the wagon
No running…the terrain is uneven. It’s a working farm.
No intentional touching of actors
No flash cameras or video photography allowed
No flashlights or lighters are allowed to be used on/in any attraction
No picking and/or throwing apples (or throwing anything else for that matter)
Please refrain from going to the bathroom inside any of the attractions
Do not bring any weapons, alcoholic beverages, or pets to the Hayrides
Do not wear open toes shoes or flip flopsIndividuals who appear intoxicated will be removed from the venue, with absolutely no exceptions

Due to the intense nature of this experience, we have adopted a Strong Policy regarding adherence to these rules, which are intended to keep you, other customers and our actors safe. Our Strong Policy is a zero tolerance for violation of any of these rules. Violation will result in immediate removal from the venue. No refunds.

You may encounter uneven terrain and possibly areas of mud on the Hayride attraction (if it has rained heavily prior to your entry); also, if you leave the wagon or trail you will not be able to see and will most likely encounter brush, trees, stones and other items inherent to being in an orchard woods, or staging materials inherent to a stage production. Please be aware of this.