Maren Morris looks back on her accomplishments and failures, on new album 'Humble Quest'

'I got to sort of, for the first time, remember all the things that I've done'
Maren Morris
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Maren Morris joined Audacy's Katie Neal on air all week as her guest for the Superstar Power Hour on your favorite Audacy Country stations. Perfect timing, as she just gave fans a brand new single as well as news about her upcoming album!

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Now that she's hit the ground running with new music to be included on her forthcoming third album, Humble Quest, the first of which arrived last week with her newest single, "Circles Around This Town," Maren says she's thrilled for fans to hear what's coming on March 25.

"I feel like some elephant has been lifted off my chest," says Morris. "It's been really fun, but also painstaking, to sit on this music for a year because I've had most of it done for almost as long. So, we were really playing the waiting game through 2021, but I'm really glad that we decided to wait until the new year because it's like a clean slate... time to start fresh."

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Maren's latest single, "Circles Around This Town," was penned along with Jimmy Robbins, who helped write her 2019 track "The Bones," as well as her pal, pop songwriter Julia Michaels, and Maren's husband, Ryan Hurd. The song, which discusses the hustle of a young songwriter trying to make it into the big leagues, was an idea that Maren went into the writing session with, but what she did not know was that the story told would actually be her own.

Maren admits, "Julia, and this is what I learned writing with her for the first time that day, is her brilliance. She just started asking me a bunch of questions about how and when I moved to Nashville, and where did I live. She was asking me all these questions, almost in a sort of 'get to know you' interview way, and what she was actually doing was getting lyrics for the first verse."

"I think once we all decided that it was going to be about me," Morris adds, "that's when we got real specific about the car I drove, and the callbacks to '80s Mercedes' and 'My Church' in the second verse... The second I got the demo back, I just knew it was single number 1, and what I wanted to kick this phase off with."

Getting to look back on her own hustles now that she's a tried and true artist was a nice turn for the award-winning singer and songwriter. Maren says, "the silver lining of this pandemic, amongst a few, is that I think we all took respite and pause for the first time in a long time and had to reflect on, 'whoa, what am I doing?' Is this serving me? Are these things that I'm doing, these patterns, are they healthy?' It kind of gave us a moment to reflect on what we would like to do differently when things go back to 'normal.'"

"For me," Morris says, "I got to sort of, for the first time, remember all the things that I've done, and accomplished, and the failures. Just really getting to look back and be like, 'Wow! I can not believe I endured all of that and am still standing.' I'm so lucky that I have a fruitful life, but I think that we all had to do some soul diving. With this song, in particular, and my upcoming work, it's all of that."

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