How Can Advanced Lung Cancer Be Treated?

Rush Limbaugh

Buffalo, NY (WBEN) Listeners to Rush Limbaugh's show were stunned to hear the radio legend was diagnosed with advanced lung cancer. One area doctor says there are two types of advanced lung cancer.

Yendamuri says the most common symptom is in the cough. "When there is a change in the quality or frequency of the cough or there is blood coming out of the sputum, that is a sign they have to get special investigations done with that. Other symptoms are headache and bone pain," says Yendamuri. But most only realize they have it when they have a CT scan for something else or if they've taken part in a lung cancer screening program. "Typically, the stage of that lung cancer is lower and tends to be more curable," explains Yendamuri.

Yendamuri says the five year survival rate for lung cancer patients is 20-22 percent, but for stage four patients, the survival rate is historically 4-5 percent.