Paramount to bring another film to Buffalo

Unnamed project to start shooting this month

Buffalo, NY (WBEN) During Friday's State of the City address, Mayor Byron Brown announced another film will come to Buffalo. The project will begin later this month.

Brown says the project is not named, but will be the third major Paramount movie to be filmed in Buffalo in recent years. "We thank Paramount Pictures for their partnership and their love of Buffalo," says Brown.

Brown also announced other films made in Buffalo will soon be released. "Nightmare Alley" will be released in December. "A Quiet Place Part 2" will be released this spring.

Buffalo Niagara Film Commssion's Tim Clark says revenue generated by a major motion picture is big for the community, and says Paramount found their money goes further here. "They found the people are nice here, their energy and rhythm here isn't found anywhere else. They've chosen to come back to Buffalo and Erie County, and we're really pleased they have," says Clark.

Clark says two other projects are coming, one called "Cabrini," bringing producer Jonathan Sanger and Michael Jones to Buffalo this summer. "They were here shooting 'Marshall' with Chadwick Boseman a few years back, and they had such a great experience here, the next movie they're participating in they're bringing to Buffalo," says Clark. He adds another Christmas movie to air on ION will be filmed next month.