Brooklyn Telemedicine Center Opens To Pre-Screen Patients For Coronavirus Symptoms

Eric Adams
Photo credit Bryan Bedder/Getty Images for United Way of New York City

NEW YORK (WCBS 880) -- The Brooklyn Hospital Center now has a telemedicine facility, which allows people to be pre-screened for potential symptoms of coronavirus at their home. Brooklyn Borough President Eric Adams is now calling on these services to be available throughout the city.

Adams says that there are two main routes for slowing the spread of the disease. "One is to expedite testing, and the second is to stop the overcrowding of our emergency rooms," Adams told WCBS 880's Lynda Lopez. "Telemedicine wil address the overcrowding issue. It allows a patient to speak with a healthcare professional using their existent device and get a pre-screening before going into the emergency room."

Patients who want to contact a doctor can use any video or audio-capable device they have, via FaceBook Live, FaceTime or even just a phone call. 

"It's all about connecting with your doctor so he can get a visual, in the ideal circumstance, and even audio," Adams said. "When you do that, you can ask basic questions, the doctor can look at you, you can take your fever, and it's no different from a hospital visit or doctor's visit." 

The biggest issue facing New Yorkers, Adams said, is the availability of adequate testing. "I think that the more we evolve with a better testing system, the better we can resolve this issue," the borough president said. 

Adams said he supported expanding telemedicine to more hospitals and for more uses, and that there needs to be education for minority and low-income residents on how to use telemedicine.