Small Business Spotlight: Kelly's Four Plus Granola


NEW YORK (WCBS 880) -- In this week's WCBS Small Business Spotlight, sponsored by BNB Bank -- "Community Banking From Montauk To Manhattan," Joe Connolly meets the owners of a granola business that started in a Connecticut kitchen.

When Cordy Gould Kelly's oldest son, Nate, was training for the national rowing team about six years ago he enjoyed the granola she had been making at home as a healthy snack. 

He shared the granola with a group of high school students he was coaching and they loved it, too.

So, Kelly started making bags of granola for them, too.

"When my mom first started making it, it was because we couldn't find good tasting granola on the market," her son, Will, said. "We just we came up with a recipe that tastes the best and that's what all the rowers kind of zeroed in on as well. And at first it was the the athlete market but we realized their parents were eating it, their grandparents were eating it and their friends at school were eating it. So we decided there is room in the market for a better tasting granola."

From there, Kelly's Four Plus Granola was born and now it can be found on the shelves at Whole Foods and local supermarkets.

"When we first started this I would go in the supermarkets and look at how many granolas were on the shelf and I'd literally start sweating and saying, 'What are we thinking? Why would we ever get into this business?' But I'm telling you when people taste it they're like, 'Wow,'" Kelly said.

Kelly told her sons that if they're going to make it a business, they're going to go for it and do it right. 

"The one thing I said to them was if we're going to do this I want to make sure that there are people besides ravenous athletes who like it and if we do it beyond that we're going to go for it, this is not a hobby. We're really gonna make this something," Kelly said.

Now, Kelly's Four Plus Granola is a growing family-run brand.

"We're anticipating a lot of growth and we've got lots of room to to work in," Kelly said, "I still am at the ovens and in the cooking process every morning, we're very committed to product quality and high quality and I like to see the granola when it comes out of the oven, make sure it's cooked enough, make sure that all the ingredients look great. I know I won't be able to do that forever but for now I'm still doing that and I enjoy it."

Kelly will share how you can take your business to the next level at the WCBS Small Business Breakfast next Tuesday in Stamford, Connecticut.