Nassau County Admits To Posting Incorrect Assessment Roll

Laura Curran
Photo credit Nassau County Executive Office

MINEOLA, N.Y. (WCBS 880) — Nassau County officials acknowledged Thursday that an incorrect assessment roll was posted online Wednesday.

Assessor David Moog acknowledged the errors in a statement late Wednesday saying that a roll provided to several tax firms used information from an older data file.

He apologized for any inconvenience or confusion for errors which affected over 18,000 homeowners.

The assessment process that was started by the new County Executive Laura Curran is a big topic, because half of the residents will see a jump in their property taxes.

For some, the increase could be more than $10,000.

"As I work to fix this broken assessment system we have hit bumps in the road. Yesterday, we hit a bump when the Tentative Assessment Roll was posted.  The roll that was posted and distributed was pulled from an older data file that did not contain the final information for approximately 18,400 class 1 properties,” Curran said in a statement Thursday. “The Department of Assessment has re-posted the Tentative Assessment Roll with the correct data file and the online notices for the approximately 18,400 properties were corrected.”

Newsday reports there are 424,000 residential and commercial properties in the county and that an investigation was done only after some homeowners noticed a change in their assessment from November.

Curran also apologized for the error and said: “When we make mistakes, we identify and correct them with full transparency.”