New York Legislature To Vote On Stronger Gun Control Bills

NEW YORK (WCBS 880) – A package of gun control bills is expected to pass through the New York State Legislature this week.

Long Island’s Democratic Sen. Todd Kaminsky says it’s not about the Second Amendment, it’s about common sense.

The legislation, which went nowhere in the previously Republican-controlled Senate, can now move forward with a Democratic advantage.

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Kaminsky says the “red-flag” law is one of the more important pieces of legislation on the table.

“There were signs that people are a dangerous to themselves or others, but there’s just no way to do anything about it, there’s no legal mechanism to take guns away from people,” he said. “This will allow a loved one or law enforcement to go in front of a judge and say, ‘Here’s some evidence why temporarily this person should not have a gun.’”

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He says responsible gun owners won’t have a problem with it because it usually doesn’t apply to them.

Also on the table: bans on bump stocks and the arming of teachers.

Kaminsky says there is bipartisan support but that a lot of Republicans are still being steered by the NRA.

“I don’t see what the objection to banning bump stock, which turns regular weapons into automatic weapons, but even that couldn’t pass in our Senate last year,” he said.