75 Percent Of Workforce Must Work From Home As NY Coronavirus Cases Top 5,000


NEW YORK (WCBS 880) -- Gov. Andrew Cuomo said Thursday morning that, from now on, no more than 25 percent of employees can work outside home in an effort to fight coronavirus.

Yesterday, the governor announced a 50 percent maximum for workers outside of the home. The requirements don't apply to essential services. 

Cuomo confirmed that he was not considering a strict quarantine or shelter-in-place order, but reaffirmed the need for social distancing. "Stay away from people," he repeated several times. 

Cuomo said that nearly 8,000 new tests were taken overnight, which would inevitably lead to a spike in confirmed cases. In total, more than 22,000 people have been tested in New York state. 

New York state has more than 5,000 coronavirus cases, with over 3,600 in New York City alone. 

Cuomo said that the state is now offering 90-day mortgage relief based on financial hardship, waiving fees, and postponing foreclosures. He also announced that overdraft, ATM and credit card fees would also be waived.

"It is a war in many ways, and the government has to mobilize as if it is a war," Cuomo said, praising the federal government for increasing its capacity to fight coronavirus. 

Cuomo talked about the importance of ventilators, saying the state had between five and six thousand but would need 30,000. 

"There is a global rush for ventilators," Cuomo said, saying every state is looking for ventilators and that the federal government needs to force companies to produce the equipment in order to have enough.

As he has before, the governor sought to quell panic. 

"The facts on the virus, we know," Cuomo said. "If you act on fear, then you're in a dangerous place. The facts we can handle."