LI Reporter Faces ‘Alarming’ Amount Of Anger From Anti-Lockdown Protesters

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NEW YORK (WCBS 880) — News reporters are facing a new hazard on the job in the age of coronavirus: up-close encounters with furious anti-lockdown protesters. 

While covering a reopening rally on Long Island, News12 reporter Kevin Vesey was confronted by several angry protesters, many of which were not wearing proper facial coverings. 

The news reporter was approached several times while being shouted at as he attempted to move away to maintain social distancing.

“You are fake news. We all know it. You are fake news,” one woman says as she pointed in the reporter’s direction. “We know about your liberal agenda. We know you wanna keep your job. We get it, you’re not getting advertising dollars in right now.”

The same woman is seen on following Vesey as he continues to walk away to cover the protest. 

Many of those gathered in the Commack neighborhood were frustrated by the lack of government assistance and told Vesey they were upset to not be able to work and obtain a paycheck. 

Others seemed to think Gov. Andrew Cuomo was deliberately causing unnecessary pain by issuing the PAUSE order, which closed all schools and non-essential businesses. 

"Who is King Cuomo to tell a business owner they can't be open? Or that you have to wear a mask when you walk into his store?" said one protester.

Vesey appeared to leave the protest unharmed and called the anger directed at him “alarming.” He, however, vowed to “tell a fair and unbiased story.” 

Many Americans are struggling to provide for their families as unemployment numbers continue to spike. 

The longer people are forced to stay home without any source of income, the more tensions appear to be building and Vesey was not the only reporter to face fury from anti-lockdown protestors. 

In Columbus, Ohio, Adrienne Robbins – a reporter for the local NBC affiliate – was verbally harassed on video on May 1 by a woman who showed up at the state capital to oppose the restrictions that had been in place since March. 

“You know that the company that you work for is lying to the American people, and you know that what you are doing is wrong,” the protester said while continuing to move closer to the reporter.

It’s unclear how many other incidents there have been, but several other journalists have posted videos of altercations on social media across the county. 

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