Mental Health Treatment Sees Increase With Rise In Telehealth Amid Pandemic

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NEW YORK (WCBS 880) — The coronavirus pandemic has greatly expanded mental health treatment across the country through the rise of telehealth – and one Brooklyn-bases company is banking on the trend continuing.

Before the pandemic hit, telehealth services were not widely covered by many insurance providers.

Though, when nursing homes closed their doors to the outside world, Parker Jewish Institute was able to provide mental health services seamlessly, says CEO Michael Rosenblut. 

“Thankfully, the partner organization over the years had invested heavily in technology, so running the iPad, having the infrastructure in place was not a concern for us,” he explains.

Brooklyn-based CHE Behavioral Health Services provided the therapists and saw the opportunity to serve the general public at low or no cost, says president Raphael Treitel. 

“Because we've been in this space for 25 years, we have 265 national payer contracts throughout work in the nursing homes,” he says. “Having an option whereby there is no cost to the patient because they're covered by their insurance has been a huge, huge differentiator between us and the other groups out there.”

Treitel says CHE Behavioral Health is now expanding its brick and mortar operations in the post-pandemic world – but virtual services will also become more widely popular. 

He says their online services will work in tandem with in-person sessions. 

Treitel also notes that CHE Behavioral Health has reached agreements with insurers to cover telehealth treatments affecting tens of millions of Americans in eight states. 

The health group says it saw a rise in more than 15,000 telehealth appointments each month amid the pandemic. 

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