Nassau Sees Over 8,000 Coronavirus Cases As Death Toll Grows

Nassau County Executive Laura Curran
Photo credit Nassau County Executive

MINEOLA, N.Y. (WCBS 880) — Nassau County Executive Laura Curran said Tuesday 15 more people had died from complications caused by coronavirus.

According to the latest figures, there’s over 8,500 cases of the virus in Nassau, with a total of 63 deaths.

The casualties in the country range in age from early 30s to late 90s, according to Curran.

“These next few weeks will be very challenging,” Curran said.

She applauded the ingenuity of medical staff as they continue to fight for so many lives.

“It's very inspiring to learn, for instance the way they can split a ventilator between two patients who have different breathing times in breathing needs but they can make that work that's ingenuity,” Curran said.

She stressed there are many who are having trouble not only paying their rent and mortgage but also buying food.

“There is food insecurity right now with hotel workers, restaurant workers, gig economy workers who are getting paychecks right now – Island Harvest, I want to remind everyone, has food pantries all over the county. Long Island Cares has food pantries all over the county. Our office for the aging is delivering Meals On Wheels two are isolated seniors,” Curran said.

Long Islanders are getting craftier when it comes to finding food, according to WCBS 880’s Sophia Hall.

Wayne Meyer, owner of Long Island Poultry, says over 100 people have lined up in front of the business in Calverton. They even opened to get fresh eggs and to buy chickens, something he has never seen before.

“it is some of our normal customers, they’re doubling up on their hens to provide more eggs. Eggs we have out on our farm stand and they’re literally flying off the shelves, I mean we can’t keep up with it,” he said.

He had to hire an employee they are so busy.