New Jersey City Rewarding Kids Who Wear Their Masks

NYC coronavirus - child in mask
Photo credit Cindy Ord/Getty Images
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SUMMIT, N.J. (WCBS 880) — Kids who wear their masks in one New Jersey city are being rewarded. 

Police In Summit have joined forces with Summit Downtown Inc to provide 100, $5 gift cards to give to elementary, middle and high school-age students who are seen wearing their masks properly by officers. 

The “Wear a Mask” program will begin in the city on Wednesday and continue until all gift cards have been distributed. 

“Over the past six months, Summit citizens have done an excellent job of following health department guidelines, and the Police Department appreciates how difficult it has been for everyone,” Summit Police Chief Andrew Bartolotti said in a statement. “With the recent increase in confirmed positive cases among young people, we are partnering with Summit Downtown to promote and reward proper mask-wearing among students. Officers look forward to handing out cards to help influence good behavior to help curb the spread of coronavirus in the Summit community.”

According to city officials, the program may last through the fall. 

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