Newark Program Aims To Put People Back To Work Amid Pandemic

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NEWARK, N.J. (WCBS 880) — A Newark program aimed at putting people to work is adapting to a new environment amid the pandemic.

The program offers a series of webinars aimed at helping Newark residents get back to work in the age of virtual work spaces. 

"So how do you set up an environment that is conducive to working remotely? And then, digging into the types of tools that will increase communication and collaboration as a virtual team member?  And then, how to access jobs that are offering remote opportunities,” asks Della Walker.

Walker is a project manager at Newark 2020 and says the program started in 2017 to help pair up Newark residents with corporations in New Jersey’s largest city.

She says part of the challenge is access to technology can be a systemic barrier in urban communities. 

But, Newark Alliance CEO Aisha Glover says while there may be a 30% poverty rate in Newark and an average income of $34,000, opportunities are out there.

"There are actual realities of enclaves of middle-class people of an educated population of folks. We have one of the highest labor participation rates in the entire nation,” she said.

Those interested can get more information on the webinar series at>

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