NYPD Sees 90% Increase In Applications For Gun Permits

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NEW YORK (WCBS 880) — More New York City residents have decided to arm themselves, according to a Spectrum News report.

According to the report, the NYPD has received an influx of gun permits in 2020, up 90% from 2019.

It seems that the trend in purchasing guns was triggered by the coronavirus pandemic and then the social unrest following the police brutality death of George Floyd in Minnesota. 

The NYPD says it received around 3,900 applications for handguns by the end of June compared to 2,012 applications last year.

One resident told Spectrum that they applied for a gun permit in fear that the NYPD will not protect his neighborhood amid police reforms. 

“I’m not a gun person. That’s not something I’ve ever wanted in my life, but I think now it’s time to think that you have to protect yourself by any means necessary in your home,” he told the news outlet.

He said as a Black person, he fears the NYPD could also target him and says he would never want what happened to Breonna Taylor to happen in his home. 

Taylor died in Louisville, Kentucky when police entered her apartment and shot her seven times. Officers were executing a search warrant but entered the wrong apartment. 

Most permits issued in New York only allow for guns to be kept in the person’s home. It’s extremely difficult to obtain a license to carry a concealed weapon in the state.

People applying for the permits say they want to be prepared for anything. 

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