A Celebration Of Hope At Long Island Hospital

Southside Hospital
Photo credit Photo courtesy of Southside Hospital
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BAY SHORE (WCBS 880) — Amid the darkness and despair, there was a celebration of hope at a hospital on Long Island on Tuesday.

The staff at Southside Hospital wore colorful T-shirts, there was a DJ and for a moment there was calm as the facility held a Day of Hope to honor the workers on the front lines working around the clock to beat the coronavirus.

"This was essentially a glimmer of positive. Everyone in this hospital has been impacted by this, no matter what your job is," Executive Director Donna Moravik said.

The T-shirts had the name of the hospital printed on the front and the words "honor," "duty," "faith," "care" and "kindness" in the shape of a heart around a medical cross.

Director of Nursing Jennifer Zeplin said one of her nurses, who works with a local T-shirt company, came up with the idea.

"She saw how he was struggling, and despite everything that she was battling with every day in her job, she was worried about him and his business," Zeplin told WCBS 880's Sophia Hall. "She said, 'I can think of a way to help my coworkers feel inspired and support him at the same time.'"

Moravik said while you couldn't see people smiling behind their masks, you could tell people's eyes were smiling.

"To me that is something you don't really see when you're walking through an ICU or when you're walking through a COVID-positive area," Moravik said.

"You felt like everyone was really together and you could see people smiling and taking pictures and feeling really proud of everything they've accomplished," said Zeplin.

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