NYC Council Speaker Says State Needs To Step Up To Help Public Housing

Corey Johnson Hart Island
Photo credit John McCarten/City Council

NEW YORK (WCBS 880) — City Council Speaker Corey Johnson and advocates called on Albany to better fund public housing across the city and state.

Chanting "housing is a human right," they stood on the steps of City Hall on Monday, demanding the state invest $3 billion for public housing statewide.

Approximately $2 billion of it would go to the New York City Housing Authority and $500 million would go to fighting evictions and homelessness.

"Promises don't fix boilers. Promises don't patch leaky roofs. Promises don't remove lead paint. NYCHA residents don't need more promises, they need money," said Johnson. "The city can't do it on our own, we can't put up all the money on our own. We put up a lot of money, we should put up more, but we need a state partner to put up money with us."

Johnson declared public housing is crumbling and serious investments are needed.

Last week, Johnson announced a sweeping new plan to deal with the homelessness crisis in New York City that focuses on permanent affordable housing.