Stony Brook University Plays Key Role In COVID-19 Research

Stony Brook University
Photo credit Stony Brook University
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STONY BROOK, N.Y. (WCBS 880) — Some of the knowledge about coronavirus is being generated on a campus on Long Island.

There are 180 different COVID-19 studies currently taking place at Stony Brook University, the results of which could be looked at for decades, even centuries, to come.

Dr. Kenneth Kaushansky said some of the studies include why does COVID-19 cause blood clots and what role does genetics play when it comes to severe cases.

Kaushansky said they're also studying the interaction between COVID-19 and opioid abuse, as well as the effect of the virus on depression, PTSD and sleeplessness both in patients and health care workers 

Researchers are studying this by creating a temendous database of patients.

"We need to be able to figure out who are the people who are very likely to get a very bad disease and don't, and who are the people who just had minimal contact with the virus and yet have a horrific case," he said.

They're also studying antibodies, whether they last a lifetime and if they grant immunity.

"There is nothing more exciting in biomedical sciences than proposing an experiment, finding whatever results you find out and for at least a few minutes you're the only person on the planet who has the insight and this new result," he said. "The thing that is driving people today i that excitement that comes from making an insight that will in fact impact people's health."

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