Connecticut’s COVID positivity rate hits 4.1%, highest since June

HARTFORD (WCBS 880) -- Coronavirus infections keep inching up in Connecticut, where the positivity rate hit 4.1% on Tuesday, the highest since June.

There were nearly 300 patients hospitalized for the virus in the state and 87 people have died in October after a steady increase since the summer.

“Our infection rate scooted up to 4.1%. Another, I think, it’s 22 hospitalizations. That’s not unexcepted, but it still wakes you up like a cold shower. It’s the highest numbers we’ve had since very early June,” Gov. Ned Lamont said Tuesday.

The governor said the state is watching the increase “very, very, very closely.”

“I know everybody’s exhausted and I know we have a vote coming up and I know we have thousands of kids coming back from college. But this is a really important month for us to get it right,” Lamont said.

Ten20 in Bridgeport
Ten20 in Bridgeport Photo credit Sean Adams/WCBS 880

Tracing the trail of infections is leading back mostly to small, informal gatherings, but large events are happening too.

A video surfaced over the weekend of the restaurant Ten20 in Bridgeport packed shoulder to shoulder with few wearing face coverings. Officials shut it down for the third time.

“As more and more people are going inside and dining inside, we’ve got to watch that carefully,” Lamont said. “That’s why I really urge the restaurants, you know, police yourselves, because this is important. If you get it right, then we can stay open. If you can’t get it right, then we can’t keep everybody open.”

The governor has warned municipalities they have to enforce COVID restrictions or else the state will with closures and fines.

Connecticut has extended outdoor dining until Nov. 12 to help restaurants.