Kevin Durant fined $15K by NBA for profane language during media interview


Kevin Durant has been fined $15,000 for using profane language during an interview, and failing to comply with an NBA Security interview as part of the review process.

Durant’s fine comes less than a week after Knicks All-Star Julius Randle was fined for using profane language when talking to reporters, saying his message to fans when he delivered a thumbs down gesture after making a layup was to “Shut the f--k” up.

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Durant used profane language multiple times after a loss to the Trail Blazers earlier this week when discussing Brooklyn’s demanding travel schedule of late. Durant told the media “We’ve been in the league, we’ve got young dudes, they’re supposed to get up and play. They throw s--t at you, you gotta figure out how to work around it.”

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Durant added later, “I’m not making any excuses about no flights or our schedule. Everyone’s schedule is f---ed up.”

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