C-Mac: Aaron Rodgers calls out Jets fans because he's never been through it himself


C-Mac understands Aaron Rodgers wanting to limit drama around the Jets while he is recovering from a torn Achilles, but he also believes Rodgers doesn’t understand the frustration and torment of Jets fans after he called out the fanbase, and former players like Joe Namath, for showing too much “negativity” and “not helping the cause.”

“A great quarterback like this has never had to deal with this, because he’s never allowed it,” C-Mac said. “Because he’s a great player at his position. This is the one position that can inhibit you from winning games. The entire team runs through this man.

“Nobody wants to see things on the sidelines…but it’s all frustration leaning towards the offense and the black cloud that this guy brings over the franchise. That’s why they went out and got you, Aaron. They needed to sweep this black cloud away, and they allowed it to be a possibility to bring it back. It’s so stupid.”

C-Mac pointed out that Rodgers has dealt with his own internal conflicts while with the Packers, so he should imagine what the tension would be on a sideline where the team is once again working with an incapable quarterback, while the fans in the stands endure the longest playoff drought across the four major sports.

“I remember a time when you and some young receivers had some issues on the field, no? I remember you and your coach getting into it in a playoff game over a field goal decision,” C-Mac said. “These things are bound to happen when you roll out a quarterback who gives you no chance to win. This isn’t new. They’ve seen this. This exact scenario has played out with him being unable to move the offense. So excuse me if the Jet fanbase that thought they had an opportunity to win a championship…and now they’re staring at the exact same misery last year.

“Excuse the fanbase if they’re a little negative. I’m sorry, but ‘relax’ is not gonna work. It’s one thing if you’re the Packers, who has won a championship and won 11-12 games a year because you’re a Hall of Famer. What exact track record do you think the Jets fans should fall back on?”

Featured Image Photo Credit: Elsa | Getty Images