Taylor Swift's cat Olivia Benson is worth millions, almost as much as Mariska Hargitay

Ms. Benson, however, comes in as the third richest pet on the planet
Taylor Swift
Taylor Swift Photo credit Frazer Harrison/Getty Images
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It's safe to say that every pet owner, in one way or another, believes their furry (or not-so-furry, we're not judging) friends are the most precious creatures in the entire animal kingdom. But when Taylor Swift thinks the same about her cat, Olivia Benson, she's technically correct.

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According to some incredible feline tallying by All About Cats, Taylor Swift's sweet Scottish fold, Olivia Benson, is reportedly worth a whopping $97 million when factoring in her music video and commercial appearances, massive social media influence, and of course her own merch line. Olivia, seen below, we remind you, is a cat that cleans her adorable paws one leg at a time just like all the rest.

For those unaware, it's worth mentioning that Olivia Benson's moniker was inspired in full by actor Mariska Hargitay's Law & Order Special Victims Unit character of the same name. In an interesting turn of events, Hargitay's net worth as of 2022, according to Celebrity Net Worth, is a whopping $100 million. Cutting it close, ladies. Although, with a $500k per episode salary, we think Mariska will be able to hold her own against Olivia.

Ms. Benson, however, comes in as the third richest pet on the planet based on Instagram earnings and average likes per post, trailing behind "premium cat food owner" Nala Cat at number 2 with a net worth of $100 million, and a German shepherd real estate magnate named Gunther VI who's a very good boy in the top spot with a reported $500 million net worth.

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Featured Image Photo Credit: Frazer Harrison/Getty Images