Woman publicly blames pet for lost items with 'My cat is a thief' yard sign


You’ve got to be “kitten” me.

A woman from Oregon has revealed that her feline is a cat burglar.

Kate Felmet decided to let her community know that her outdoor cat, Esme, kept taking home household items, gloves, and masks, which the pet stole from neighbors across the community, according to KOIN.

When addressing Esme’s crimes, the owner put up a sign in her yard that read, “My cat is a thief,” which showcased a drawing of Esme with a glove in her mouth. Neighbors can also see that there is a clothesline filled with items her cat has come home with.

However, if a neighbor knows something they own is missing, they are encouraged to take the item.

“As soon as I put the sign up, she went for a week of not bringing me anything,” Felmet said. “I had the impression she was a little mad about it.”

Felmet explained how most neighbors stop by to take pictures, but once she saw a “school bus drive by and take a few pairs of gloves.”

“She brought home 11 masks in one day,” Felmet said. “I was so delighted that she wasn’t bringing me birds, and she got a lot of praise - and maybe a few treats for the gifts that weren’t recently alive.”

Since then, her cat has brought home several items, including rolls of tape, bathing suits, fabric, and even knee pads.

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