Derek Chauvin will not testify


Derek Chauvin, the former Minneapolis Police officer who is charged with killing George Floyd, has decided to invoke his fifth amendment right to not testify in his case.

Defense attonry Eric Nelson started the day by getting Chauvin a microphone and discussing their meetings on whether he would testify. Nelson asked the defendant if he wanted to invoke his fifth amendment privilege.

"I will invoke my 5th amendment privilege today," Chauvin replied.

Judge Peter Cahill took over and spoke directly to Chauvin.

"The decision whether or not to testify is entirely yours. In other words, it's a personal right. Mr. Nelson makes a lot of the decisions in trial, but one he cannot make for you is whether or not you testify. He can give you advice and you can take that advice or reject that advice. But the decision ultimately has to be yours and not his. Is this your decision not to testify?"

Chauvin responded with a one-sentence answer.

"It is, your honor."

The defense will rest their case. The state is planning to call rebuttal witnesses today to discuss the carbon monoxide topic that was brought up by the defense on Wednesday.

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