Stores warn of alcohol shortage coming just in time for the holidays

How are we supposed to deal with all that family now??
Wine bottles
Wine bottles Photo credit Getty Images

It feels like more families than ever will be getting together for the holidays this year and it makes sense seeing as there were a ton of restrictions in place last year that prevented a lot of us from doing so.

It stands to reason that the holidays are already a stressful time, and add in a TON of family into the mix, plenty of folks will be reaching for a nice stiff drink to help ease the tension a little bit. If this is true of your gatherings, take note: an alcohol shortage is coming ... Just in time for the holidays.

Stores in Southern California have already started feeling the effects according to ABC7. Pandemic-related backlogs at the Port of Los Angeles, and the Port of Long Beach, the two busiest container ports in the U.S., have led to shortages in a lot of things, including alcohol and glass bottles.

The regional manager of a Los Angeles liquor store said they have no idea what products they'll be getting day-to-day, and just this weekend they had 50 people lined up outside the store before it opened just to get their hands on whatever they could that day.

Along with the backlog at the container ports, there's a shortage of supply chain workers that is exacerbating the issues, according to Eric Hoplin, president and CEO of the National Association of Wholesaler-Distributors.