LeBron James looks like he's even more miserable than his petulant pal Kyrie Irving


Kyrie Irving isn’t the only petulant NBA superstar receiving some comeuppance for orchestrating a big-time move he now appears to regret. His good pal LeBron James –– at least according to their recent highly publicized phone conversation –– is experiencing it as well. And even worse, LeBron’s Lakers are 5.5 games out of a playoff spot. At least Irving has the chance for postseason redemption. It looks like James will spend his spring filming episodes of “The Shop” instead of leading the Lakers to their first playoff berth in five seasons.

LeBron has compiled a career’s worth of lowlights in recent weeks, with the Lakers falling to 10-20 since he returned from a groin injury on Christmas Day. In just the last three days, we’ve seen LeBron chuck an inbounds pass off the backboard, watch a ball roll all the way to the three-point line while hurling up a futile shot, and literally get pushed by Kyle Kuzma to play some defense. 

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Kuzma "helping" LeBron on defense due to some confusion pic.twitter.com/JVTE1cTdsh

— CJ Fogler (@cjzero) March 5, 2019

When James signed with the Lakers last summer, it was apparent the move was about more than basketball –– especially when Los Angeles surrounded him with the misfit veteran cast of Rajon Rondo, Lance Stephenson and JaVale McGee. The Lakers still have their young nucleus, of course, but all of those guys have been reportedly dangled to the Pelicans as Anthony Davis trade bait. Much like Irving’s situation with the Celtics, it seems like there might be some lingering resentment. Though nobody on the Lakers has called the team’s culture “toxic” like Jaylen Brown, Kuzma’s shove says all you need to know. 

While nobody can fault NBA stars for trying to wield their power, it is refreshing to see the Super Team model blow up in some of their faces. The Lakers struck out on Paul George last offseason and might miss on Davis this time around, assuming the Celtics are interested in his services. If Davis doesn’t come to LA, the Lakers will be hinging their entire 2019-20 campaign on acquiring Kawhi Leonard, who’s playing at an MVP level in Toronto.

Irving forced a trade to the Celtics, because he says he wanted to get away from LeBron and lead his own squad. LeBron didn’t re-sign with the Cavaliers, because he presumably wanted to build something new in Los Angeles. 

And now, Irving is complaining about the media asking him questions and James is playing like he’s given up. It shows the grass isn’t always greener on the other side. Perhaps other NBA stars will use Kyrie and LeBron’s seemingly miserable campaigns as a lesson.