New Yorkers' Tom Brady nickname protest was even sadder than expected


The animus towards Tom Brady for attempting to trademark the “Tom Terrific” moniker climaxed Tuesday, with seemingly a couple dozen Mets fans gathering at a restaurant to throw black beans at Brady memorabilia. 

The only thing lamer would be a “Straight Pride Parade.”

As expected, two of Seaver’s teammates from the 1969 Mets, Ed Kranepool and Art Shamsky, attended the sad protest at Manhattan’s Sojourn restaurant. While they did not desecrate Brady’s jersey, they pleaded for TB12 to pull his trademark application.

“He’s the greatest quarterback that ever lived, and I supported him over the years,” Kranepool said, via the Boston Globe. “Anytime I’m rooting for football, I’m rooting for Tom Brady. But when you’re asking about ‘Tom Terrific’ — and you play behind a guy like Tom — there’s only one guy that can be ‘Tom Terrific.’”

Tom Brady’s jersey is in the trash with beans on it.The owner here says they used some black beans because Brady is a “black spot” on NYC.

— Justin Toscano (@JustinCToscano) June 4, 2019

Given the level of vitriol directed at Brady –– Boomer Esiason calling the move “sleazy,” the New York Post running an editorial condemning TB 12 –– it seemed as if this protest would rival the anti-Trump demonstrations that have taken over London this week. 

Instead, it resembled recreation hour at the senior living facility. 

From a PR standpoint, it still makes sense for Brady to pull the request. It would be viewed as a magnanimous gesture, and nobody calls him “Tom Terrific,” anyway. 

But this is far from the overarching controversy it was portrayed as on social media. Amazingly, it seems as if there’s a disconnect between the Twittersphere and real life.