Tom Brady expresses displeasure about NFL banning his helmet


Tom Brady will be forced to wear a new helmet next season, and he doesn't seem thrilled about it.

The NFL announced Friday it is banning four additional helmets that fail to meet its safety guidelines, including Brady’s model, the Riddell VSR-4, ESPN reports. The Patriots’ quarterback was allowed to wear the helmet last year due to a grandfather rule.

Brady expressed his apparent displeasure in an Instagram story posted Friday afternoon, saying he won lots of games in his now-prohibited helmet.

Tom Brady is not happy with the helmet rule.

— Mut & Callahan (@MutCallahan) April 12, 2019

Though the NFL has been testing helmets since 2015, last season was the first time it decided to ban certain models. The league’s executive vice president for health and safety initiatives, Jeff Miller, told reporters in a conference call any team that has players wearing prohibited helmets will be subject to discipline. Thirty-two players last season wore models that are no longer permitted.

Brady started the 2018 campaign with a newer Riddell model, but switched to his old helmet later in the season. It seems like he’s still practicing with it, too, judging by his Instagram earlier in the week.

Back at it.

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In 2017, Gisele Bundchen made headlines when she said her husband has suffered numerous concussions throughout his playing career. Brady didn’t confirm or deny her comments. 

The NFL expects all approved helmets to better safeguard players from head injuries than their older iterations.