Wade Boggs passionately defends Dennis Eckersley in David Price feud: 'He should ask me what it used to be like to play in Boston'


David Price may be enshrined in Cooperstown one day. But this weekend, he was the subject of at least one Hall of Famer’s scorn.

Boston Globe columnist –– and old-time baseball enthusiast –– Dan Shaughnessy filed his Price-Eckersley dispatch from central New York Saturday. The piece quotes Dennis Eckersley, who brushes off the latest rescuciattion of this one-way feud, much like he did when Chad Finn asked him about Price for a much-discussed feature story in Boston Globe Magazine

“He’s my new Kirk Gibson,” Eckersley told Shaughnessy. “Everywhere I go people are asking me about David Price, telling me what he said about me. For years, I carried the Gibson thing around. Everybody was droppin’ a Gibson on me. Now I got this. I don’t get it.’”

Finn asked Eckersley one question about Price in the 3,500-word feature story, which resulted in the all-time great dismissing the Red Sox’ ace. “I don’t plan on seeing him, never,” Eck said about Price, who verbally ambushed him on the team plane two summers ago.

Price saw an aggregated version of the story containing the sharp no-comment in the headline –– you’re welcome! –– and went off on Eckersley in the clubhouse last week. The $217 million hurler wrongly proclaimed Eckersley’s MLB Network documentary featured no interviews with his teammates –– it included six –– and insinuated the all-time great isn’t respected around the game. 

On Friday, Price surrendered six runs in a losing effort to the Orioles, the worst team in baseball. 

Though Eckersley refrained from taking any shots at Price, his ex-Red Sox teammate and fellow Hall of Famer Wade Boggs went right in. “Everybody in the game loves Eck. He was a great teammate,” Boggs said to Shaughnessy. “And David Price? Please. He should ask me what it used to be like to play in Boston. These guys today don’t hear any noise compared to the stuff that was aimed at us. I mean, seriously.

“‘Yuck?’ Give me a break.’’

Boggs finished off many pitchers with his bat throughout his illustrious career. But those words are sharper than any ringing base knock.