Ben Affleck shares thoughts on Tom Brady’s future


Boston-bred actor Ben Affleck is an admitted Tom Brady superfan.

Making the rounds to promote his new film, “The Way Back,” in which he plays a basketball coach, Affleck made his way through ESPN’s programing on Tuesday.

That included a segment on the morning show “Get Up” in which he admitted that he and fellow “Good Will Hunting” actor and Boston sports fan Matt Damon had recently texted TB12 to find out about their favorite quarterback’s free agent future and if it would be with the Patriots.

“Me and Matt texted him, and said, ‘What’s the deal? You going or you staying?’ And this is what we got back: an emoji,” Affleck said, gesturing for the shoulder shrug emoji. “So I really have no information for you.

“I hope he stays. I think he’s fabulous,” Affleck continued. “By the same token, he’s given up a lot of money to play for that franchise over the years that he well deserves. The New England Patriots didn’t sacrifice any money winning all those Super Bowls, selling all those tickets, selling all that merchandise. If Tom … I pray and hope that he stays. It would break my heart if he left.

“If he wanted to go make X million for two years, he totally deserves it. That’s what capitalism and life is about. You’re the greatest, you deserve it. He sacrificed a lot. He took a lot of cuts. They still didn’t surround him with…they were definitely an Antonio Brown away from winning the Super Bowl this year, for sure. The one game he played was just lights out.”

One of the hosts then asked Affleck if given his relationship with Brady he thinks the quarterback would like to prove that he can succeed without Bill Belichick.

“He has not said that to me, and I have asked him quite a bit about Bill Belichick, because Bill Belichick is an easy guy to develop opinions about,” Affleck said. “If it were me, if I were Bill Belichick or if I were Tom Brady, there would be a part of me that would be wondering, ‘Is it him or is it me? Could I do it myself?'

“You gotta remember Belichick coached Cleveland and had a losing record. So there is that fact. But he’s also a genius. He’s outcoached a lot of people. He’s done an amazing job. They seem to be uniquely suited to working together.

“It’s sort of like maybe Robin thinks he can do it without Batman but you kind of want them to stick together,” concluded the actor who previously played Batman.

If Brady leaves for another NFL franchise and plays the Patriots in the Super Bowl, who would Affleck root for?

“It would be a terribly, terribly painful moment,” Affleck said. “I don’t know who the Patriots would put together to compete against a team with Tom Brady as the quarterback or that they would be making any Super Bowls. They didn’t make the Super Bowl with Tom Brady last year. They would need to do some rebuilding. It’s very hard for me to root against Tom. He’s made fans of New England very happy over very many years. Not only the Super Bowl but always getting there, always getting close, always being great. You never watch the Pats and thought, ‘Oh well this will never happen.’ That is a very unique fan experience.

“Think Jets fans feel like that?” Affleck said jokingly, alluding to "Get Up" host Mike Greenberg’s NFL team of choice.

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