Survey: Patriots preferred landing spot among agents


Patriots fans have always believed that football players should pick New England over 31 other NFL job opportunities for one simple reason: to win a Super Bowl ring.

Well, apparently player agents feel the same way.

In a recent expansive survey of 21 agents by The Athletic focused on prospects making the leap from college football to the NFL, the Patriots were the top potential landing spot for clients. One reason given by one unnamed agent?

“Patriots is the easy answer because the kid will get a Super Bowl ring,” said one of the agents who gave New England 4.5 votes in the survey to lead all teams.

“Good place to start a kid’s career off,” another told The Athletic. “They’ve established a culture and teach you how to be a pro, how to practice. They give you enough room to be yourself, but the culture creates certain helpful boundaries. No one holds their players more accountable.”

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While New England may have been the preferred landing spot in the survey, the team also got 2.5 votes from agents asked, “NFL team you’d prefer doesn’t select your player?”

The reasoning?

“They’re the best team in football, but they run a tough ship,” one respondent told The Athletic. “Have to deal with third parties to figure out what’s going on at times. Getting insight into contracts is challenging.”

Also, “You have to contribute immediately, or you get on the bad side of Belichick.”

Speaking of Bill Belichick, the Patriots boss finished second (4 votes) to Colts GM Chris Ballard (5 votes) as the best perceived talent evaluator in the NFL.

“I don’t know if it’s the system, but it’s hard to argue with the success,” one agent told The Athletic.