Usain Bolt breaks down Tom Brady’s Combine 40


Tom Brady never has been and never will be known for his running ability.

Long before he was the Patriots G.O.A.T. QB and central figure in the biggest free agency frenzy in football, Brady was like every other Combine participant running the 40-yard dash back in February of 2000.

Video of the somewhat laboring sprint has been replayed endlessly over the years.

This week, lightning-fast Olympic gold medal sprinter Usain Bolt took some time for Yahoo Sports to critique past Combine participants’ 40s and, well, he didn’t like what he saw from a young Brady in 2000.

“Oh my gosh,” Bolt gasped watching Brady run for Yahoo Sports. “Everything is bad there. Everything is bad there!"

.@UsainBolt, the world's fastest man, critiques some of the NFL Combine's most memorable 40-yard dashes.He's got some issues with yours, @TomBrady --

— Yahoo Sports (@YahooSports) February 27, 2020