Guessing what the new Pats uniforms will look like


"Something Old. Something New. Something Borrowed. Something Blue." Words that are resonating throughout Patriots Nation today. Or at least among the Foxboro freaks like yours truly who are geeking out over the prospect of new Pats uniforms. A new uniform in the post-Brady age makes sense. Fresh start, fresh look. Those words in the teaser video offer quite the clue as to what the new uniforms, set to be unveiled Monday the 20th, might look like. Old, New, Borrowed and Blue...Hmm. Insert thinking guy with monocle emoji. What will they look like? The suspense is killing me! Or at least giving me something else to think about during quarantine, aside from "What to watch on Netflix tonight?", or "What to make for dinner?" or "When will I be able to get my hair cut again?" Talk about in need of a redesign. I are my three best guesses:

1.) The uniforms will be a throwback tweak to the royal blues of the 1990's. Think Bledsoe, Coates, Curtis Martin. These uniforms debuted when Parcells took over in 1993. They were the debut of the Flying Elvis logo, replacing the beloved Pat the Patriot, a logo that has gone on to beloved iconic status, though at the time it was more a symbol of futility. These uniforms ultimately received a tweak themselves a few years in, with the matching Elvis draped across the shoulders. Perosnaly, I was a fan. And when there was rumor of them being used for a throwback in the 2019 season a lot of fans were excited. Wonder if the same sentiment would prevail if these were the norm again.

Hearing rumors about new jerseys... ----

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2.) The Patriots will stick with what they know and go with more of a Color Rush tweak. That would be in line with the slight tweak most fans think is coming, kind of like what the Browns unveiled this week, more of a return to a previous style as opposed to a total redesign. A lot of teams have monochromatic uniforms or options these days, and not just for Color Rush games or Thursday Night Football (peep the Falcons new duds). The all-navy look is a spin on the navy & silver combo that's been the norm since 2000, when the Patriots changed uniforms following the hiring of BB as the HC of the NEP. Fans seem to dig the Color Rush, and it's an aggressive look that's remniscent of recent day but still stands apart. Wonder what the road unis would look like then?

“Ay... look who I’m around, man...” --

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3.) The boldest redeisgn: a combination of old and new in the truest sense. White helmets, but with Flying Elvis. Color rush options with blue, red and white combos. The uniforms would look contemporary but still harken back to the pre-1993 redesign, just no Pat the Patriot. Sorry to be a buzzkill to everyone who's been hoping for a return of the icon, but it's a uniform redesign, not a logo overhaul. Maybe one day they'll change the single use helmet rule and allow for Pat to return to game action (he's not seen game action since 2010). This would represent the best option, IMHFO (the F is for Foxborough). I like the variety. I like the red white and blue. Truly this look will say "We are all Patriots!" 

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Those are my three best guesses for what we'll see Monday. As to which player's new jersey you'll treat yourself to with your stimulus check? I mean...can't go wrong with a D-Mac, Edelman or a James White, right? If it were up to me, which thankfully it isn't, I'd go full "Scarface" and do an all-black uniform, just so when the most despised team in football takes the field fans in opposing stands can say, "That's the bad guy!" After all, even with the GOAT gone it's still New England vs. The World, right? 

New uniforms for the renewd battle come Monday. Talk to you then.