Romeo Langford could factor into Celtics rotation with Gordon Hayward out

Romeo Langford
Photo credit Getty Images

With Gordon Hayward out due to a left hand fracture, various Celtics will be presented with opportunities. Grant Williams could see an increase in minutes, so could Brad Wanamaker or even Javonte Green.

Another player who could also get a chance is Romeo Langford, having been recalled from Maine on Sunday. He didn’t have the chance to get acclimated in the same capacity as his fellow Celtics rookies because of the injuries he’s dealt with. Those same injuries played a role in his assignment with the Red Claws in the first place.

Now, at the time of his assignment to the G League, it seemed like he was going to be with Maine for a while.

“I think the biggest thing was we’re just weighing, is it better to go practice for a full week, get ready to play, or is it better to be available for really, really spotty minutes?”  Brad Stevens said when the Celtics sent Langford to Maine on November 4. “And (sending him to Maine) just makes sense based on the amount of time he missed early on. And then the knee thing happening and then he missed more time. So we just need him to get as many reps as possible.”

Langford certainly took advantage of his week in Maine, scoring 27 points and blocking six shots in their opener.

But, again, as much as Hayward is a significant loss for Boston, the Celtics have other players who can fill in. If they’re already recalling Langford, the rookie must be in line to receive minutes, in some capacity — especially when considering Stevens’ comments.

“We think he could really help us,” Stevens added when addressing Langford’s assignment.

It looks like now is the time for Langford to help.

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