Chris Sale gets green light after visit to Dr. James Andrews


The trip to Pensacola, Fla. was finally made. Chris Sale has seen Dr. James Andrews.

According to Red Sox Chief Baseball Officer Chaim Bloom the pitcher's long-anticipated follow-up with Dr. Andrews, who administered a PRP injection into Sale's elbow in August, took place the week prior to Thanksgiving. The results were positive with the starter getting the go-ahead to immediately start throwing with an eye on participating in spring training. 

While the visit with Dr. Andrews was originally scheduled to take place six weeks following the PRP injection Red Sox general manager Brian O'Halloran said at the recent GM meetings that the timetable changed when it became evident Sale would not be needed for postseason duty.

"What changed is we fell out of the playoff race," O'Halloran said. "We decided to slow it down. It was our decision, it was nothing to do with how things were going. The rehab has gone very well and Chris is right where we want him to be, pending that appointment with Dr. Andrews. When we gave a six-week range, that sort of lined up with the end of the season, and we were holding out hope at that point that we still had a chance to be a postseason team. Very quickly after that, that changed, that didn't happen.

"The six weeks was kind of the early range that we were given by our medical department on what was appropriate on a return to play. Once the postseason was no longer a factor, we decided to take the outer end of the range just because it made the most sense to slow it down and give the most time possible to heal and go from there."

Sale last pitched Aug. 13 before shutting own his season with elbow inflammation.

The five-year, $145 million extension the lefty signed prior to the 2019 season kicks in this coming year, with Sale making $30 million in 2020.