Red Sox not taking Alex Bregman approach with Andrew Benintendi


FORT MYERS, Fla. -- Andrew Benintendi was called up to the major leagues eight days after Alex Bregman.

The pair have identical .282 career batting averages, with Bregman holding an edge in OPS (.866 to .806) and home runs (58 to 38). Benintendi has more stolen bases (42 to 29), having played in 28 fewer games.

The point is that the two players should be linked for a while.

That's why when Bregman agreed to a five-year, $100 million deal (which starts after the 2019 season), buying out all three years of his arbitration-eligibility, Benintendi took some notice, although not as much as one might think.

"It’s fun to watch all these guys sign some deals. Beyond that, nothing really," Benintendi told when asked how much the deal piqued his interest. "No more than any other guy. I don’t view it any differently than anybody else."

One of the reasons Benintendi may be downplaying the Bregman scenario is that according to the outfielder a similar extension with Boston doesn't appear imminent. The 24-year-old said that there have been no discussions with the Red Sox regarding a contract extension with only one more season to go before he hits arbitration.

"Nothing has changed," he noted.

As for a willingness to go down a similar road as Bregman, Benintendi said he would be all ears.

"Yeah, I'd listen. I don’t know who wouldn’t," he said. "It’s always nice to hear what an offer is. I would definitely listen."