Bill Belichick goes on another rant against weathermen


FOXBOROUGH -- It's pretty much a yearly tradition at this point -- just like the Patriots playing in the AFC title game, there's Bill Belichick ranting against weathermen and their forecasts.

The forecast for Sunday's Patriots-Browns game calls for heavy rain, which prompted Belichick to be asked how close to the game does he start thinking about preparing for it.

Within Belichick's response, he brought up the Giants game earlier this year when the forecast called for a lot of rain and yet it didn't rain once.

“As late as possible,” Belichick said. “In the Giant game, it was supposed to be a monsoon and everything here and, like usual, there was not one drop of rain and let’s say minimal wind. Although there was some wind. It was across the field, so it didn’t really affect the game that much.

"We went down to Miami. We thought it was going to be hot. We thought it was going to be hot when the game was scheduled. We thought it was going to be hot in training camp. We though it was going to be hot the week before the game. We thought it was going to be hot the day of the game. And it was. So predicting heat in Miami in September … maybe you and I can figure that out.

“The rest of it, look, I’ve seen the forecast (for Sunday against the Browns). This is the exact same forecast we had for the Giants. Not one drop of rain. So we’ll see. I mean don’t know. I’m sure it’s hard to get it right, especially specific locations such as this. Like where it is 10 miles from here and where it is here makes all the difference in the world to us. That’s the world we’re in. So we’ll see.”

The Patriots will host the Browns Sunday at 4:25 p.m.