ESPN's T.J. Quinn tells M&C Kraft video could be released this week, later updates with new reporting that it could be a while


After Robert Kraft was officially charged with first degree solicitation of a prostitute in Florida for allegedly paying for sexual acts on two different occasions at Orchids of Asia Day Spa in Jupiter, Florida on Monday and a court date has been set, it appears the next shoe to drop is whether or not a video will be released.

Appearing on Mut & Callahan Tuesday morning, ESPN investigative reporter T.J. Quinn believes a video will come out because of Florida laws, although some lawyers have already tried to stop it.

“It’s going to be up to Jupiter police," Quinn said. "Florida’s sunshine laws open this to public records, (they) are some of the most broad in the country. Evidence like this it tends to get out when in a lot of states it wouldn’t. This is the one place it would. When I spoke to a few different law enforcement sources they said as far as they are concerned they expect it to be released. They think it could be possible even this week. 

“You’ve already seen, the Palm Beach Post had a note this morning that one attorney filed on behalf of several clients who were not identified, listed as John Doe’s, to try and keep them from releasing it saying they never should have been able to get the warrant to get the video in the first place. It’s possible if a judge looks at they and says they have a point here, it could drag out for awhile. When I asked people who have a good legal history in Florida they said the law is generally pretty clear. Unless they can really challenge the police department’s right to get that video in the first point, it will come out.”

Quinn has spoken to people who have already seen it.

“People who have seen it they have said this is extremely graphic," he said. "… This is real clear what is going on. If someone would release it outside of court orders, they would potentially be in a ton of trouble, but we know it happens.”

Kraft's court date is April 24, although he can have his attorney represent him.

UPDATE 10:15 a.m.: Quinn has tweeted perhaps the video may not come out this week after all.

The latest on Kraft: looks like if the video evidence is released, it won't be soon. Law enforcement originally said it could be as early as this week, but a defense attorney filed a motion to block it, putting everything on hold. There will likely be a hearing to decide. 1

— T.J. Quinn (@TJQuinnESPN) February 26, 2019

I also added that now that an attorney has filed a motion to block release of the video, it’s unlikely to happen soon.

— T.J. Quinn (@TJQuinnESPN) February 26, 2019