Peter King on D&K: Tampa Bay likely to try to sign Teddy Bridgewater over Tom Brady


NBC Sports' Peter King was one of the first people to say Tampa Bay would have serious interest in Tom Brady when he called them a "sleeping giant" weeks back on Dale & Keefe.

But, appearing on the show Thursday, King believes Tampa Bay actually prefers Teddy Bridgewater. This comes following multiple reports suggesting Tampa Bay would be all in on Brady.

“I think the Bucs are probably more likely to try and sign Teddy Bridgewater," King said. "And it is nothing at all against Tom Brady, but I have thought all along that — look, here is the way I view the Bucs: I think Bruce Arians wants to coach a couple of more years and then I think he wants to leave the team in the hands of Byron Leftwich, if it keeps going this way, his offensive coordinator and the former NFL quarterback. He loves Byron Leftwich. After having seen couple of Bucs practices last summer, I can see why he loves him. The guy is a phenomenal hands-on quarterback coach.

“I think honestly what the Bucs want out of this free agency period, they were 7-7 last year and outplayed in the final two games at home by he Texans and Falcons. They lost both games because Jameis Winston threw the ball away six times in those two games. In my opinion, do you know what they want? They want an efficient quarterback. They don’t have to have Daryle Lamonica. … Even though their offense is predicated on being throwing the ball downfield, I think they have have come to the conclusion that a guy like Bridgewater has plenty enough arm to play for them. That would be my guess.

“I can’t tell you right now whether that would eliminate Tom Brady, or if Brady said, ‘I really want to play for you guys,’ whether they wouldn’t do that, I have just got a feeling through this process that if I had to put a quarterback in Tampa, that I would pick Teddy Bridgewater.”

Free agency officially begins next week.

.@peter_king when asked about the Buccaneers potentially being a finalist for Tom Brady:"I think the Bucs are probably more likely to try to sign Teddy Bridgewater..."

— Dale & Keefe (@DaleKeefeWEEI) March 12, 2020

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