Bill Belichick pokes fun at short tenure as Jets head coach, notes how important 1996 season was with Patriots


Everyone knows the story of Bill Belichick only being head coach of the Jets for one day after resigning during what was supposed to be his introductory press conference.

Appearing on Ordway, Merloni & Fauria Monday, Belichick cracked a joke about his short tenure.

“Like Adam Gase has already outlasted me," he said.

This came up when Belichick was asked about Monday being the 25th anniversary of Robert Kraft buying the Patriots.

Belichick noted he first met the Kraft family in 1996 when he was the Patriots' assistant head coach and defensive backs coach under Bill Parcells. He said that was an important year because of the relationship and bond he formed with the Kraft's.

“That was a great year for me coming here in ’96," he said. "We had a good year. I certainly experienced things from a different perspective after being a head coach in Cleveland for five years. I worked with the secondary, I worked with the defense with Al [Groh] and Bill [Parcells]. Just being in another organization that was run differently than obviously the Cleveland organization was. I developed a relationship with Robert and his family. So when I was able to come back here three years later, in the 2000 season, things had changed quite a bit as far as the team went, but our relationship and I think the bond that we constructed in ’96 really paid off and grew and it’s continued to grow. Very fortunate to have the opportunity to be the head coach here. I try to give my best every day and hopefully we can win one more game this year. That is our goal.”

Added Belchick: “’96 was an important year in my career professionally because of the relationships I had developed here and then had three years of separation with the Jets and all that. We’ve all moved past those years. Good to be in New England.”

The Patriots will now take on the Rams in the Super Bowl on Feb. 3 in Atlanta.