Bill Belichick on OMF shuts down reports of tension last season with Tom Brady: 'I am not going to get into a bunch of gossip'


Following the Patriots' thrilling overtime win over the Chiefs in the AFC title game, cameras caught an emotional exchange between Bill Belichick and Tom Brady where the two said they love each other.

This was a little surprising to some after reports last year said there was a great deal of tension between the two. Belichick was asked about the "issues" on his appearance with Ordway, Merloni & Fauria Monday, and he interrupted the question.

“That don’t know. Some of these people — I have never met them, never talked to them," he said. "I am not going to get into a bunch of gossip.”

The ESPN Seth Wickersham story was brought up and Belichick immediately interjected.

“I never talked to the guy," he said.

Relating to his embrace with Brady, he said he had a lot of those following the game.

“I said that to a lot of guys last night," he said. "I love this team. I love our players. I love the way they played. I loved the way they played and competed last night. It wasn’t perfect, but they gave everything they had, and that is all you can ask for as a coach. And I would say the coaching staff, me included, gave everything we had. We made mistakes and there were things we could have done better too, but we all put it all out there and thankfully we were able to win in overtime.”

Belichick added: “I mean look, it was a great team win. We put a lot into the game. We left everything out there on the field. Everybody left every last once of energy and fight and competitiveness that they had, and put it out there against the Chiefs. And the Chiefs did the same thing. We were fortunate to come out on top. It was a great feeling of satisfaction. We beat a good football team and we were all ecstatic about it. And everybody played a role in it. Certainly, Tom played a big role and we’ve had a long and very productive relationship and felt good about it after a win like that. I don’t know how you could not.”

The Patriots will now take on the Rams in Atlanta Feb. 3.