Bill Belichick on OMF praises Tom Brady's decision-making when discussing Jacksonville's coverage of Rob Gronkowski

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Photo credit Brian Fluharty/USA Today Sports

The Jaguars took Rob Gronkowski completely out of Sunday's game, limiting the receiver to just two catches for 15 yards.

It was the fourth-fewest receiving yards of his career (min. 40 snaps), which speaks to the job the Jacksonville defense did against him. It appeared the unit had a number of different players on him in coverage throughout the course of the game, and were very physical with him.

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“I’d say there were times they had coverage towards him," Bill Belichick said Monday on Ordway, Merloni & Fauria. "They kind of do what they do. Look, we’re not going to play anybody who doesn’t pay attention to him, but there were times for one reason or another — again, we don’t pass the ball to get the ball to one player. They take it based on the coverage and what happens after the snap.

"Tom makes great decisions doing that, so whatever the circumstances were the ball ended up where it did, but I don’t second-guess any of Tom’s decisions, not whatsoever.”

While there wasn't much in the answer as it was more about decision-making and where to go with the ball, it was interesting the praise Belichick gave Brady when it comes to making the right choices of where to throw the ball.

It isn't a huge deal in the grand scheme of things, but given what took place this offseason, it seems like a line of praise worth pointing out. 

Brady was 24-for-35 with 234 yards and two touchdowns in the 31-20 loss.