Tom Brady via M&C on win over Chiefs: 'A game we will always remember for the rest of our lives'


Tom Brady has played in some of the greatest games in NFL history, including some historic Super Bowls, but Sunday's 37-31 overtime win over the Chiefs is right up there with them.

There were three lead changes in the final four minutes of the game before overtime. Then the Patriots scored on their first possession, which included three, third-and-10 conversions to walk away with the win and advance to their third straight Super Bowl.

Right after the game, Brady showed some rare pure joy, immediately throwing his helmet in the air.

“That was [as] emotional of a game as I think I have been through, certainly in a long time," Brady said Monday on Mut & Callahan. "… What a great win for our team, We fought through a lot of adversity this year. Played the Chargers last week, they were [8-1] on the road. We played some good football and got a chance to play in the AFC championship on the road going against a great football team. All the things that transpired over the course of the game. Getting a chance to win it there like we did and to pull it off was just a great feeling.

"You play sports for a lot of reasons, but something like that that happened last night was a game that we will always remember for the rest of our lives. Emotions had taken over at that point. You’re not thinking much. You’re just feeling it.

“I am just so happy for my teammates, the coaches, our whole organization, Mr. Kraft, Jonathan [Kraft] and everyone who has put so much into our team, our families, everyone that has supported us, our fans, everyone. It was really a great, great win. Beating a great team on the road in January is an incredible feeling.”

Brady finished the game 30-for-46 with 348 yards, a touchdown and two interceptions, and he took some time to enjoy the win on the way home. Looking ahead to the Rams will have to wait at least a few more hours.

“Oh no, man," he said when asked if he watched some Rams tape on the plane. "Everyone was exhausted after that game. I don’t think anything productive would have happened at three in the morning. Everyone was so drained. I didn’t get home until 5:15-5:30.”

The Patriots will play the Rams in Atlanta on Feb. 3 in Super Bowl LIII.