Nick Folk shares details of appendectomy, how he was able to kick Sunday vs. Chiefs


FOXBOROUGH -- Just over a week after needing an emergency appendectomy, Nick Folk was back kicking for the Patriots Sunday against the Chiefs.

Folk underwent the procedure on Thanksgiving, was released the day after to make room for Kai Forbath, and then was brought back at the end of last week following being cleared to kick medically.

Speaking to reporters after the game, Folk explained the last week-plus from his perspective.

“I practiced Wednesday, ran a couple errands after work to get some stuff and then I had to go back to my hotel, and about 7:15 (p.m.) I started getting some stomach pain and by 10:15, I’m driving myself to the hospital,” Folk said. “So, it happened pretty quick. It was some of the worst pain I’ve ever felt in my life, and I’m just happy I caught it before it burst because at that point they said it would be a long recovery. Just happy that it happened how it happened, but I’m also upset because I missed last week, obviously.”

The veteran said avoiding contact was not an issue in the game.

“No, it was just a couple of incisions,” he said. “They kind of go through your belly button and pull it out. So, that’s the one that’s the most painful. It’s really not much pain anymore. It’s just really incision healing and then dealing with the pain. From everything I’ve heard from the doctors here and my family’s a bunch of doctors. One of my uncles, that’s all he did was the general surgery stuff. And he said you really can’t hurt it. It should be healed up by now. The incision, obviously I have a little pain there, but other than that, I’ll be all right.”

Folk had a 41-yard field goal blocked, but did make a 29-yard field goal and an extra point in the 23-16 loss.

“Once I got out there, I kind of got warmed up and that’s how it progressed through the week,” Folk said. “Every day it got better, and then once I moved throughout the day it got better, and then when I woke up a little bit stiff, and as I moved it got better. It was just a progression. I’ll keep going with it, keep doing what we need to do to make sure we’re ready for next week.”

It appears Folk will be the Patriots' kicker for the remainder of the season and the playoffs.