Will Patriots make trade in coming days? Bill Belichick says if right deal comes, yes

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Photo credit Brian Fluharty/USA Today Sports

There are a lot of moving parts this time of year with the 53-man rosters being set by 4 p.m. Saturday and then the practice squads on Sunday. Also, there always seem to be a number of trades this time of year as teams look to make their rosters as strong as possible for Week 1.

Bill Belichick and the Patriots haven't shied away from making deals in the past, as just last year they made four trades the week before the regular season.

Appearing on Ordway, Merloni & Fauria Monday, it appears if the right offer comes, Belichick won't be afraid to pull the trigger again.

“I would say this week, next week, up until Saturday, or whatever it is, when the last cut is, that is a period of time where there’s a lot of conversation and there will be a lot of player movement," he said. "There will be some this week, but then there will be a lot more next week where approximately 1,300 players will be involved in some kind of transaction — waived, or reserve list, injured list, or what have you. That is a lot of activity, so teams toss names around in various capacities. It’s not necessarily a position thing. It could be, but it also could not be. That would just depend on the team that we are talking to, or if they are talking about one of our players, draft choices, or whatever it may be.

"There’s a lot more talk than there is action at this time of year. We’ve made roster moves before and if the right one comes we’ll do it again. We’ll see how it goes.”

While Belichick said it isn't position-specific, it would seem they will be searching for a wide receiver given their current depth.