Tedy Bruschi via OMF believes Patriots offense needs to be like early 2000s


The days of the Patriots offense scoring 30-plus points each and every week are over, according to ESPN's Tedy Bruschi.

Appearing on Ordway, Merloni & Fauria earlier this week, Bruschi was asked what the offense needs to improve, and the former Patriots linebacker had doubts of it being much more than it is right now.

He suggested it go back to what it was in the early 2000s where it focused a great deal on the running game, taking care of the ball and relying on the defense.

“That is a good question, but it all depends on what your expectation for this offense is," he said. "What are we trying to make it? Are we trying to make it into a 25-30 points a game offense and so there are multiple pieces that you need?  That is just not possible. It is not possible for them to all of a sudden become an offense that can score like that. So, what do you really need this offense to be to succeed? And this year, in my opinion, it is to run the football, take care of it, don’t turn it over and let the defense be who it is. What I think you’re looking at here, we’re going all the way back to the beginning of Tom Brady before he was TB12 and you had all these complementary pieces on the special teams and the defense that were making plays, taking the ball away, scoring on special teams.

"I know there’s a big piece missing and a reliable kicker, but still those three aspects are what this team needs to be. The offense right now, I don’t see it becoming something that it isn’t right now. It is what it is right now. Take care of the football. Be efficient. Convert a third-down here and there if you’re Tom Brady, let your defense dominate the other side of the ball and get you in favorable field position situations. I think that is what this team is.”

Through six games, the Patriots offense is averaging 386.3 yards per game, which is eighth in the league.