Tom Brady on GHS explains frustrated demeanor last several weeks


A big storyline with Tom Brady and the Patriots of late has been the quarterback's frustration following wins.

Last week in Philadelphia was when it was at its peak, as the 42-year-old seemed rather depressed and frustrated in a short press conference following a 17-10 win. Things were different Sunday following a 13-9 win over the Cowboys where the quarterback was much more positive.

Appearing on The Greg Hill Show Monday, Brady defended his demeanor in recent weeks.

“I have a job to do," he said. "I think my job, it’s very important to me. I want us to do as best we possibly can each week, like I always have. Everybody puts a lot into it and you want to see a great performance. When it’s less than that I don’t know what I should feel other than what is authentic to me and what is authentic to my own personal feelings and beliefs about how we should be performing and what we need to do in order to do better.

"I have 20 years of experience, so I feel like I have some knowledge. I don’t have all the answers, but I have been around long enough to know what it looks like. I think our guys are trying. We have good attitudes and we work hard. We have a very good team. I think our team will improve as we on offense improve. I think we can do that by — again, it comes down to trust, and dependability and consistency. That is what we’re trying to do. Those things just don’t magically come together. You’ve got to work at them and we’re working at them. Hopefully we can reach a higher level.”

On the FOX pregame show Sunday, Rob Gronkowski noted those feelings of frustration following wins is something he does not miss at all about life in New England as a Patriot, and Brady reacted to the comments.

“I think everyone deals with things differently and I think that was part of having a guy like Gronk in the locker room that was so great was he approached it like he does," Brady said. "He always looks at the bright spots in everything. When you have great attitudes like that, it is good to have. He was a great player for us for a long time. We have different challenges that we face and for me personally, I don’t have one emotion after every game. There’s probably five or 10. The moment you catch me is how I will feel at a particular time and sometimes it takes time to digest things and deal with things. Hopefully we can process those by the time the preparation for the next week starts.”

Brady and the Patriots are now 10-1 and still control their own destiny in the AFC.

“I am happy we’re 10-1," he said. "Like I’ve said, we’re trying to win, and I know things aren’t perfect. We’re just trying to just make improvements and see if we can do a little bit better job every week. When you watch the NFL -- we’ve had some late games, we have another late one coming up, but when you watch other teams -- the reality is no one is a finished product at this point. Every team is beginning to fight for a position and some teams are clearly out of it and there’s a lot of other teams that are battling. Nobody knows how it’s going to shake out.

"I know there’s power rankings and all that BS, but we’ve got to just keep making improvements and put ourselves in a good position. We’re in a decent position now at 10-1 and we have a very important game coming up. Hopefully we can go out and get to 11-1, but it is going to be a big challenge. We’re going to have to play a great complementary game. Our defense is doing a great job. Offensively, hopefully we can make some improvements this week and go put together our best game of the year."